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Pedometer - Price & Products Comparison
***Price Comparison***
Following the story of how the pedometer helped my husband come out of his physical dysfunction - please see below the Price Survey I have made.
Click on each item and you will be linked directly to the site with the offer below.
As well you can see on each site additional items that I did not include in the below table.
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  מד צעדים הוא שעון המונה את מספר צעדי האדם שעונד אותו, ומספק מידע על רמת הפעילות.  עוזר לנו לשפר את בריאותנו. עזר לבן זוגי לצאת מחוסר תפקוד מוחלט
Product Omron HJ-150 Omron HJ-151 Omron HJ-112 Omron HJ-720ITC
Steps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aerobic/non Aerobic def. No No Yes Yes
Minutes No Yes Yes Yes
Calories No Yes Yes Yes
Distance No Yes Yes Yes
Carry Belt only - horizontal to the ground Belt only - horizontal to the ground Pocket, Bag, Belt Pocket, Bag, Belt
Resets at midnight Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memory 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days (displayed)
42 days (in memory)
Clock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Clip Clip Belt holder, strap, clip Belt holder, strap, clip
***Omron Health Management Software No No No Yes
Price US$ 13.60 14.99 24.08 32.95
*** Usb connector that enables you down load your data to your computer and participate in Omron's Health Management software
Read about the Importance of Physical activity to our physical and mental health
Read How to increase our physical activity within our daily tasks.


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