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How did the Pedometer Help Us
The Pedometer has an important role in my husband's rehabilitation.
As mentioned above Multi-System Failure, CVA, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Failureand more – left Hezi, at age 50 to 56 – handicapped, deeply depressed and with permanent physical damage : Weakness & Paralysis seizures of his right side body (from the CVA); limbs numbness (from diabetes), left arm paralyses, Instability – Standing & Walking, severe Back pains, Heart Failure, Diabetes, 30 kg overweight – overall – physically disabled
Coming out of depression was the first step. This gave him the strength & desire to make all the next steps!
The second step was to come out of the TV sofa on which he spent 90% of his waking hours… and start walking – step by step
It started with few steps every day, in the hallway, counted by the Pedometer that motivated him to set the goal for the next day – 10 steps, 50 steps, 100 steps…. 
Followed with more steps in the house, after that – going out – in front of the house and then - around the house – which was an accomplishment.
At the beginning every few steps he needed to seat down, because of his legs weakness, heart weakness, sever back pains… but the walking distances between each stop grew – measured of course by the pedometer.
The pedometer was a very big motivation tool as by measuring his daily progress it made Hezi appreciate each day's success and filled him with hope.
An additional help was the Compex that started the building of Hezi's muscles when he was still lying down, and helps Hezi until now in his muscle training and building, (the story will be published soon).
Today Hezi still carries the pedometer every day, maintains his continuous progress and his daily physical activity according his physical abilities & limitations.
The pedometer keeps us aware of our daily activity level and indicates if we were active enough in order to keep our health.
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