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The Importance of Physical Activity to our Physical & Mental Health  
1. Physical Activity helps our immune system prevent sickness,
2 Physical Activity improved our Vascular (Blood) System.
  Studies have shown. that habitual physical activity is related to reduced incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD).
3. Higher Brain Function - Physical activity, especially walking is especially good for your brain, because it increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain. Walking is not strenuous, so your leg muscles don't take up extra oxygen and glucose like they do during other forms of exercise. As you walk, you effectively oxygenate your brain. Maybe this is why walking can "clear your head" and help you to think better.
5. Memory and Learning - Studies show that walking improve our memory and learning skills.
6. Heart - increased efficiency of our heart and reduces the risk of heart disease
7. Breathing - increased efficiency of lungs,
8. Cholesterol - Reduced cholesterol levels,
9. Reduced blood pressure,
10. Diabetes - Reduced risk of diabetes and improves the diabetes symptoms - high blood sugar, and foot ulcers.
11 Waste removal - Movement and exercise increase breathing and heart rate so that more blood flows to the brain, enhancing energy production and waste removal. Studies show that in response to exercise, cerebral blood vessels can grow, even in middle-aged sedentary animals
12 Aging process - Studies have shown that exercise might be able to offset some of the mental declines that we often associate with the aging process.
3. Mental State - Physical Activity causes the release of endorphins in our body which factions as our natural pain relievers and responsible on our 'well being feeling'.
4. Physical activity creates antioxidants in our body that fix the damage the free radical make in our body
5. Help in Weight loss – Increase of the physical activity will increase the calories burning for faster weight loss.
  How Lack of physical activity deteriorated my physical health!! - My Story
While writing this web site I did not notice that I hardly move! After 3 months – all of a sudden - my health deteriorated – I was so weak – I could not walk 100 m. I had great pains in my foot – I feared thrombosis, and my digestive system had collapsed (lactose allergy).
I started to include physical activity in my daily schedule and the symptoms gradually passed

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