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How to Increase Physical Activity within our Daily Tasks
We always feel that we do not have enough time or energy for physical activity, go to the gym, or go for a walking workout
The Daily Physical Activity needed to Prevent Sickness
Less than 5,000 steps is considered not enough activity – it is considered a Sedentary activity.
6,000 steps are Ok for good health.
10,000 steps are good for weight loss program – Or 4,000 – 6,000 aerobic steps (uninterrupted) per day.
Here are few ideas how to increase our physical activity within the daily tasks and make sure we were active enough in order to
1. Phone call – in the age of cellular and wireless phones – each phone call is a good time to walk –at home or at work. As well – if you see that haven't 'walked enough – call your mom/sister/friend/ … and have a nice talk and walk – improve your social life and your physical activity
2. At workwalk to the person you wish to talk to i/o calling or sending an e-mail.
3. Make a brake  every hour or two, for 3-4 minutes – like a cigarette break – and walk
4. TV time – during commercials – get up and walk around the house.
5. Park the car – not too close to where you are going – and walk to your destination
6. Walk to short distance destinations – i/o of using your car for every where you go.
7. Work in your garden – if you have one

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