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Coming Out of Depression – After Severe Illness – Personal Story

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Multi-System Failure, CVA, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Failureand more, Attacked my husband at age of 50, one after the other, and left him with physical disabilities, handicapped & deeply depressed.
The help was from an unexpected source.
Hezi succeeded to come out from the depression, take control of his life and rehabilitate his physical and mental situation
Read below how he did it
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Physical Disabilities

How can you Cope? – How can you heal?
How Hezi Came out of Depression
Our Recommendation
How Hezi Helped himself to Rehabilitate his Physical and Mental Situation

Physical Disabilities

After a series of diseases such as  Multi-System Failure, CVA, Cancer, diabetes, Heart Failureand more, attacked my husband at the age of 50 to 56, (now 59), one after the other, and left him with physical disabilities,  Hezi's mental situation was insufferable.
The anger about the injustice, the frustration for what has happened to him was enormous.
Recovery  required  significant mental  strength , that Hezi lacked,  as he also had to cope with permanent physical damage as a result of the difficult diseases :
Weakness & Paralysis seizures of his right side body (from the CVA); limbs numbness (from diabetes), left arm paralysis, Instability – Standing & Walking, severe Back pains, Heart Failure, Diabetes, 30 kg overweight.
He also had to cope with the crash of his productive, successful and happy man identity – to a dysfunctional, depressed handicapped needy person – at age of 50 to 56.
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So how can you cope with such horror – how can you even keep on leaving?
He was embittered, angry and deeply depressed.
The doctors didn't give much hope for medical recovery, more over – they all warned about his overweight aggravating his health – and together with all his medical problems – endangered his life.
The overweight also made his overall functioning very difficult. 90% of his waking hours – were on the TV sofa.
The greatest comfort was food – "what else was there for him….?"  And he "needed and deserved this comfort…" - so he thought and repeatedly said.

He was waiting for some salvation – with no chances of arriving… so why not enjoy life as long as he can? – And food is a great joy – we all know that…

And there was where he had to make the change – his thought of what he needed.
How Can you Cope? – How can you heal?
You probably ask yourself – what does she want from him – after Cancer, CVA – how can he help himself? What is he – a doctor?

The answer is yes! – We can cause the healing to occur.

And there is a medical explanation for that – it involves our immune system that keeps our body safe from diseases :
One of the main causes for diseases to occur in our body is the malfunction of our immune system.
Some of the causes for this malfunction are: daily stress situations, depression, mental stress, anxiety, lack of satisfactory sleep etc.
That means that our mental state is deeply affecting our medical situation and durability against diseases.
Stressed and depressed situations weaken our body, cause sickness and make healing more difficult.
We all know how love and support helps sick people recover from severe illness or medical operations – recoveries that exceeds doctors' expectation etc. – this is the story – it is us helping us!

Recovery does not mean that everything will turn out all right – some things never will – but we have learn to live with that!!!

How Hezi Came out of Depression
When Hezi understood that recovery is something he has to do on his own – he took control of what was going on in his life – and the change occurred.

How did it happen?

Part of the triggers to this dramatic change in Hezi's attitude were 2 books he read – both of ECKHART TOLLE :
1. The Power of NOW – Tolle inspires to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived “in the now". The Power of NOW – a masterpiece of Eckhart Tolle with the power to change lives – helped my husband come out of depression.
Explanation: we condition our happiness on the past or on the future i.e. – how can we be happy if this or that happened to us, done to us, said to us… etc. (past) – or when, or if, we will have this or that – love, house, car, job, career, success – we will be happy… (Future)
When we will realize that we can be happy only NOW – not yesterday or tomorrow – we will make the change – we will leave the past for lessons learning and future for plans making, without conditioning our happiness on it, and enjoy Now – because Now is where our happiness exists.
A masterpiece with the power to change lives (that what it did to Hezi & me….)
To The Power of Now from my favourite site click here and it will link you directly to the book.
2. A New Earth Tolle's  expands and shows that there is a way out of suffering but it must go through releasing ourselves from identifying with it. Understand what our ego gains from seeing ourselves as needy and unfortunate. The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle shows there is a way out of suffering – a book that helped my husband come out of depression
And how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy and unhappiness.
ToClick to order not the A New Earth - and see the way out of suffering The Power of Now from my favourite site click hereClick to order not the A New Earth - and see the way out of suffering and it will link you directly to the book.
ECKHART TOLLE, defined as a contemporary spiritual teacher, tells his own story in his books, about the spiritual awakening & change he made from the lowest point of depression & dysfunction – to find his inner peace and greater fulfillment in his life.
I strongly recommend reading these books – not only in depression cases – but for each one and one of us – they make a profound change in our state of mind –understanding that happiness is in our reach & own hands.
I happened to me & it happened to Hezi.
These books have showed Hezi the way to make the inward change and regain his strength – to help himself.

How Hezi Helped himself to Rehabilitate his Physical and Mental Situation :

1. He came out of depression – I can tell that today – Hezi regards himself as a happy person. He enjoys the great joys of life – our loving family, friends and living.
  He also learned to accept his disabilities.
2. He dropped 30 kg & keeps his new weight & healthy nutrition
3. Improved his Physical Dysfunction – click to read how
4. He is finally medically stable - The series of diseases occurred from age 50 to 56 – every few months another medical catastrophe has landed on him. Since Hezi made the above change – 3 years ago –we cannot say that Hezi is healed – as he still suffers from many diseases as mentioned above – but the catastrophes stopped. He is medically stable. And each disease is well coped with.
  His good mental situation, healthy nutrition & daily physical activity suited for his physical disabilities- keeps his medical situation stable and in a steady improvement course. 
Be well.
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