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DBCare is another miracle performer that helped us – it is a herbal supplement that helped my husband lower his blood sugar levels from around 200 to a steady level of 120 - 130.
A1 was down to 6.3 from 6.7.
I have researched what is DBCare - How it works and what is it's ingredients - read below.
You can also find the link - where to buy these miraculous herbals
DBCare is another miracle performer herbal supplement that helped my husband lower his blood sugar level and side effects and live with Diabetes
Diabetes Solution
DBCare is another miracle performer herbal supplement that helped my husband lower his blood sugar level and side effects and live with Diabetes
The Full Story – Read How it Works chick2
What is DB Care
How does it work
What does DBCare Treats:
DBCare ingredients :
How did it help us
Where to buy
What is DB Care
DBCare is made up of a secret formula of eleven powerful organic herbal extracts, aimed :
  • Maintaining healthy glucose levels
  • Lower high blood sugar levels
  • Stop sugar cravings naturally.
  • Normalize insulin production
  • Eliminates insulin resistance
The DBCare organic herbs are well-known in the maintenance and treatment of Diabetes and can be used long term with no side effects
It is a completely natural, non-toxic, fast acting and immensely effective diabetes remedy in a much safer way creating sugar level fluctuations or fatigue and anxiety.
How does it work
The genius idea of DBCare is the special combination of herbs that are knows for specific qualities that combining them altogether creates the perfect solution for diabetes patients:
  • Sugar destroying properties - which in turn metabolises glucose hence creates "fuel giving" energy and dramatically reduces fatigue.
  • Stimulates the pancreas and enables it to secret insulin, thus reducing high blood sugar levels.
  • Re-hydrates the body and balances high blood sugar levels of potassium flow
  • Creates natural thirst and encourages the body to consume more water to dilute the high blood sugar back to normal levels and to compensate for the water lost by excessive urination
As a result - It helps to metabolise high blood sugar levels, reduces sweet cravings, helps relieve tingling sensations and diminishes anxiety, amongst other symptoms of Diabetes.
What does DBCare Treats:
DBCare treats 2 Major types of Diabetes :
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Results from insulin resistance ( a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency. It can be precipitated by steroids and stress.
  • Pre-Diabetes (#1) – Is a condition that occurs when a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
DBCare ingredients : click here
How did it help us
Diabetes was the last disease my husband got after - Multi-System Failure, Heart Failure, CVA and Cancer that attacked Hezi in 5 years– came the Diabetes.
It arrived with the Cancer on 2006 and made the wounds he got from the Chemo treatment, catastrophic and caused the cut of his big toe.
We understood there is another battle we have to fight.
It was a daily struggle as Hezi's legs were in real danger. Hezi has a big balance problem, he falls easily as the CVA result and due to his great weakness – due to all other diseases and he very easily getting wounded – and each wound can end in limb cutting.
We bought all the necessary equipment for daily sugar testing
Needless to say that after the 5 year ordeal Hezi had – the new diet that was imposed on him was a very big blow of itself and there were times that as if he wanted "to despite the disease" and he deliberately ate what he must not eat…and the sugar levels were between 200-300 even…
During the last 4 years he had many sever wounds we had to fight – the story will come soon.
So - we had to find a good treatment to control the diabetes
We have heard from a friend of a friend that he knew somebody who has diabetes and uses DBCare …, We managed to find it as it is not a shelf product.
It was like a miracle - suddenly the sugar level were around 120-130 –– even when he ate a forbidden food – the sugar levels were not so high.
Hezi knew he had to keep a diet although the sugar levels were down – but it was such a relief to know that the Diabetes was under control.
Where to buy
DBCare is a patent herbal supplement that can be bought only on one site – click here
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