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Few of the germs are harmful and even deadly to mankind.
The germs exist within us and around us – waiting for the moment of our bodily weakness to attack.
The germs’ survival skill enables them to survive and immunize against antibiotics.
Read about the germs and the 2 steps successful fight against them .
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What is a Bacteria/Germ?
The Amazing Survival Ability of the Germs
Man’s best Friends
Man’s Greatest Enemy
Antibiotics – a non final solution
How to Overcome - The 2 Steps Successful Battles Against Germs - Personal story
What is a Bacteria/Germ?

The origin of the name Bacteria is Greek, and means “small sticks” – which is the first shape that the scientists who discovered the germ saw.

The germ is a microorganism with a single cell and without a nucleus. It has a special cell wall structure and many antibiotic medicines are directed at destroying its cell wall.

The germs come in different shapes – some are round and some pole-shaped.

Germs are the most common form of life on Earth. They can exist in condition no other organism can exist in Few of the germs are harmful and even deadly to mankind, waiting for the moment of bodily weakness to attack
A single germ under a microscope – His two flagellums allow him to move in liquid Germ shapes

Germs are the most common form of life on Earth. They can exist in condition no other organism can exist in.

The Germs are found almost everywhere – in the air, the earth, the water, the sea, as independent objects with no need for a host – as opposed to the viruses, and even as parasites in animals, plants and more.

Not all germs are harmful; however some cause illnesses through the injection of toxins.

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Ages before earth was populated with animals, it was populated with its first life form – the germs.
They survived through extreme changes in their living conditions until the hostile environment became life-supportive once more.
Most Germs reproduce by simple mitosis – an incomplete separation of the young cell from the mother cell creates a colony thriving with germs.
The Amazing Survival Ability of the Germs
The Germs immunize by the process of ‘natural selection’ – the weak populations get eliminated whereas the strong populations survive and continue the germs’ life cycle.

These simple cells turn out to be resourceful, and act as a unified team that lives a communal life of over a milliard parts.

Their adaptability and collective survival in changing living environments can also be seen in the variety of intricate shaped their colonies have in different living environments. These shapes allow for a more efficient function in the given conditions.

The amazing ability of the germs to survive enables them immune against the different antibiotics – this is why we have to minimize antibiotic's consumption for the needed time
Examples of different germ colonies’ life forms
This is now they are able to find food and energy everywhere – from the depth of the earth’s crust to nuclear reactors.
Man’s best Friends
Most types of germs are harmless to man and some even act in our service, are effective and even beneficial for our health.
  • An essential part of out digestive system.
  • Used in the food industry – yeasts, vinegar, Wine, Cheese, Yogurt and more.
  • Used in the environment safety field – oil disassembly, on in the biological pest control, and has many other uses.
Germs hold the unique knowledge of how to turn an inorganic, still substance to a living organic one. Even with all the human scientific and technological knowledge this process is still beyond us.
Man’s Greatest Enemy
Only a few types out of ten-thousands are man’s greatest enemies.
Tens of millions die as a cause of infectious bacterial diseases since the dawn of history.
Diseases caused by germs – pertussis, tuberculosis, leprosy, streptococcus, meningitis, gonorrhea, typhus, dysentery, the Bubonic plague, and more.
Some of the harmful germ types live within our body, waiting for a moment it weakens and then begin inhabiting us on our expense – then the disease strikes.
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Antibiotics – a non final solution

It appeared as if with the discovery of antibiotics we have found the cure for man’s troubles – but the germs is more sophisticated enemy than man thought.

It turns out that the same qualities that helped the germs survive in any environment from the dawn of history, and to adapt to every new condition – enables the germs to survive antibiotics.

In the presence of antibiotics – the germs will sacrifice a part of their colony for survival’s sake and its remaining part will dedicate itself to the continuity of their existence while studying the new environment and reaching the right change that enables their future continuation.

How to Overcome - The 2 Steps Successful Battles Against Germs - Personal story
a. Strengthening our Immune System and our body.
  As germs attack when our body's immune system is weak - the solution is to strengthen our immune system so it will not allow the germs to attack our body to begin with.
  This is what I did.
  After falling sick all the time - I have found Siberian Ginseng - Eleuthero - that boosted my immune system & completely changed my life - I even recovered from Asthma with the help of Ginseng. To order now Echinacea form my favorite site in which you pay for 2 & get 3 more Free
b. Using natural antibiotics substitutes in case of illness in order to keep the conventional antibiotics effective for needed times.
  The more we consume antibiotics, the more we contribute to the immunization of the germs that lie in our bodies and reduce our chances for recovery in the future.
  We will discover that we go through a much more sever illness – since our survival capability decreases and the germs win more and more frequently. The recovery will be longer.
  This is, in fact, what happened to me.
  Even after strengthening my body with Ginseng - when I did got sick - the sickness was more sever and the recovery more difficult. I still needed the strongest antibiotics to heal as the germs in my body were already immunized against antibiotics.
  I have started to use Natural antibiotics such as Echinacea and Propolis instead of regular antibiotics and to my surprise it helped me heal from angina - which was my main problem. To order now Echinacea form my favorite site in which you pay for 2 & get 3 more Free
So - the combination of strengthening our immune system and healing with natural antibiotics is the solution for best health.

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*** In case other drugs are being taken, consult a doctor before use.
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