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Another great product we have found is this most convenient Home Gym.
Ideal way to stay fit and active from a comfortable sitting position - and because you are seated it's easy to maintain balance and stability as you exercise.
Safe for all ages.
Safe and a perfect solution to maintain physical activity for disabled
Helps maintain mobility, flexibility and energy whilst increasing muscle and joint strength.
Read about How Physical activity improves our Physical and Mental health.
Biking is the recommended activity for Improving heart lung endurance.
Resistance anchor cable system allows a large range of upper body and lower body exercises providing smooth low-impact resistance without the use of heavy weights.

Ready to use, steel and polypropylene chair comes with detachable Health Step (shown on floor behind chair), Posture Prop back support and four resistance anchor cables plus Wall Chart, DVD and Manual.

The Home Gym Includes
1) Mini Bike Exercise Cycle

Custom-designed exercise bike attachment snaps securely onto the front crossbar of the Resistance Chair, to provide additional cardio and leg exercises.

Includes  Battery operated LCD displays a number of functions :
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Calories
As well it adjusts for leg length and resistance strength
Every Resistance Chair comes complete with four level 5 resistance cables.
2) Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher
A clever pulley system that allows stretching exercises similar to those Healthcare Professionals use to help frozen shoulder syndrome or assist those undergoing shoulder rehabilitation
3) Additional Resistance Cables
Additional 5 pairs of colour coded cables, from level 4 to level 9, excluding level 5. .
Every Resistance Chair comes complete with four level 5 resistance cables.
Each step up represents an extra 1.1kg (2.5lbs)

All cables have a foam handle grip
This is a great site offering many accessories for different disabilities:
A product that was good for us is the below Bath chair - for people who suffers from Balance problems like my husband.
  A special bath chair for disabled  
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