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My name is Ronit Gutshtein
I am 52 years old

At the picture: My daughter Shir & me in the Bahamas

Bahamas is Quality of Life – that's true – but a temporary one.
Quality of Day by day, hour by hour - that's what counts – there lies the true Quality of Life - true happiness.
Coping with serious health problems as me and my husband had, made quality of life for us – a life threatening ordeal.
My husband's story (Hezi -59)- is the more complicated one– his diseases come in series :
heart bypass surgery at age of 40, multi-system failure at age of 50, CVA a year after, cancer- 2 years later, diabetes, toe amputation… and more
Resources draining struggle after another, ups and downs, each one of us with his own story. I am the light story and Hezi, of course, is the heavy guns.
But we have changed our destiny.
The terrible journey we had, brought us to the life changing insights concerning our Quality of Life.
We always complain about our difficulties, bad luck, suffering, disappointments, and diseases (as we surely know)…. There is always another external factor that stands between us and our happiness, our Quality of Life.
That is true – there will always be an additional interference.
And there lies the answer: how we handle our life interferences, the choices we make, is what counts –is where our strength is. This is how we determine the quality of our life.
Our true Quality of Life – is in OUR OWN Hands!!
Even with Health Related Quality of Life! – We can testify for it!
For example - falling ill – to immunize our body - will ease the symptoms and even heal us.
These are the decisions we have to make – what to eat, which medicines to take – not necessarily only the conventional ones, given to us by our conventional doctors.
This was our story & our rehabilitation.
I have succeeded to recover from chronic disease – Asthma & build up my immune system, with a non conventional remedy which I accidentally discovered, after many years of suffering.
Hezi's situation has changed from one foot over the edge and non functional situation – to a functioning content person.
We have found some life saving solutions that are our assets now. They have significantly enhanced the Quality of our Lives,
I have decided to spread our story in order to shorten the suffering for others.
In addition, I have made some researches in order to understand how everything works. After having the answers, everything looks so simple and clear.

Being aware of the high costs, I have searched for the best sites for the products ordering and for some items I have found the best site with amazing offer of : "Buy 2 get 3 Free" !!!! or 1+1 deal with real low prices and very good quality products. I make a periodical order there for me and my family. The links are in each page directly to the required product.

I will publish our stories step by step, as I have many of them, some as detailed explanation and some as articles.

You are welcome to read our stories, the solutions we have found and the explanations how it all works. For me it was very interesting to find out.
In order to receive a personal notice for each publication – please send me your e-mail details in the 'contact us' link.
As well – I will be very glad to receive your feedbacks.
Enjoy your reading
Ronit & Hezi